Download Bench Cards – Taste of the Season

Help your customers make the right decision! Select a variety from below to view and download one of our standard horizontal PDF 11″x7″ & 7″x5″ bench cards.

A natural hybrid of broccoli and gailan. More commonly known as Broccolini.


Medium-sized, globe shaped roots that are deliciously sweet and peppery in flavour.

Beets Chioggia Guardsmark

Blushing golden-orange beets that are deliciously sweet.

Beets Touchstone Gold

Cheddar is a medium-sized cauliflower with bright orange heads.

Cauliflower Cheddar

Taste of the Season's Cauliflower Graffiti is a unique and unusual cauliflower that grow rich purple heads.

Cauliflower Graffiti

Cucamelon are cute, palm-sized cucumber-like fruits that look like tiny watermelons. They have a refreshing cucumber taste with a hint of citrus.


Taste of the Season Cucumber Adam

Cucumber Adam

Taste of the Season Cucumber Crystal Apple

Cucumber Crystal Apple

Taste of the Season Cucumber Lemon

Cucumber Lemon

Taste of the Season Kale Red Russian

Kale Red Russian

Kalettes is a non-GMO hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts.


Taste of the Season Lemongrass Aroy

Lemongrass Aroy

Okra is an excellent warm season vegetable that thrives in the summer heat.

Okra Clemson Spineless

Taste of the Season Pepper Ghost

Pepper Ghost

Taste of the Season Pepper Sriracha

Pepper Sriracha

Taste of the Season Shiso Britton

Shiso Britton

Tried & True Tomaccio Tomato

Tomato Tomaccio