LETTUCE, Romaine Parris Island Cos 454 – Heirloom

Parris Island was introduced in 1952 and continues to be favourite amongst lettuce lovers. This romaine has upright heads of large thick medium-green slightly rumpled leaves with creamy white hearts. It is sweet, crisp and flavourful. Parris Island has superior uniformity and is slow to bolt.

Maturity65 – 68 days
Height8 – 12” (20 - 30 cm)
Spacing12 - 14” (30 - 35 cm)
LightFull sun, partial shade
SoilOrganic and well draining
pH Range6.0 to 7.0
WateringRegular watering to prevent lettuce from getting bitter, consistent even moisture is best
FertilizingBalanced fertilizer at time of planting
Nutrients RequiredNitrogen=high, Phosphorus=high, Potassium=high