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Begonia Nonstop Joy Orange
BEGONIA, Nonstop Joy Orange

Nonstop Joy Orange’s vibrant colour and large double blooms pop in hanging baskets, window boxes, planters, and garden beds. This showstopper begonia blooms all season long with an abundance of bright orange flowers. The plant body is strong and has well-branched growth which makes it resistant to breakage and wind damage. This unique mounding, semi-trailing begonia… Read more »

Dichondra Emerald Falls
DICHONDRA, Emerald Falls

Dichondra repens Dichondra Emerald Falls is a popular groundcover plant known for its unique emerald green foliage that is shaped like tiny lily pads. It’s dense, vigorous, and cascading habit make this an excellent choice for mixed containers, planters and hanging baskets. Emerald Falls performs well as a garden plant and as an indoor lifestyle… Read more »

Dichondra Silver Falls
DICHONDRA, Silver Falls

Dichondra argentea Small, rounded, pewter-coloured leaves which resemble miniature water lily pads or fans, make this a unique, trailing accent plant for hanging baskets and planters. Silver Falls is heat and drought-tolerant and will recover quickly if watered after it has wilted. Silver Falls performs as a low-growing groundcover or it adds a cool contrast… Read more »

Tried & True Gaura Belleza Erica
GAURA, Erica

Excellent branching and elegant flower stems make this gorgeous Gaura good for cut flowers. This garden favourite is heat and drought-tolerant once established and blooms continuously all summer until fall. The clear white flowers are nectar-rich and attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Deer and rabbit resistant. Gaura Erica will look spectacular in patio planters, window… Read more »

Ipomoea Dark Chocolate Hearts
IPOMOEA, Dark Chocolate Hearts

Ipomoea batatas This newer variety of sweet potato vine is compact, has denser leaves, and is less likely to spread vigorously. Pretty leaf shapes and colour add interest to any garden setting. This unique ipomoea features gorgeous dark purple-black, spade-shaped foliage, and dainty white blooms. Well-branched Dark Chocolate Hearts’ foliage colour adds texture and sophistication…. Read more »

Ipomoea Limon 3
IPOMOEA, Limeade

  Ipomoea batatas This newer variety of sweet potato vine is compact, has denser leaves, and is less likely to spread vigorously. These qualities make this ipomoea perfect for mixed planters, garden beds, hanging baskets, and window boxes. Its unique leaf shape and colour add interest to containers and landscapes. Limeade features stunning and vibrant… Read more »

Plectranthus Twisted Lemon 2

This low maintenance plant has heart-shaped variegated leaves. In the spring, the velvety foliage starts off chartreuse in colour and then becomes a darker green with scalloped lemon-yellow edges. It is a sturdy, well-branched, mounding plant with a fragrant lemon scent. Good as a border plant, groundcover, or an accent “spiller” plant in baskets and… Read more »