Tried & True Grass

Tried & True Grass

Ornamental grasses and grass-like plants are definitely worth planting. They work harmoniously with our natural environment and help keep our surroundings healthy and viable.  Admired for their beauty, but loved for their low maintenance and toughness, grasses can bring flair and elegance to mass plantings, borders, beds, patios, walkways and mixed planters. They are practical and attractive to any landscape application – adding texture, structure, height and colour. With countless options, short or tall, curly or straight, grasses will always have a place in any garden.

Varieties Listing

Tried & True Grass Cyperus Umbrella
GRASS – Cyperus Umbrella Grass

(sye PEER us), (SYE purr us) Cyperus has tubular stems with narrow green fronds topped with unique brown flower clusters. This dwarf type of Papyrus makes an excellent accent and structure plant. The decorative foliage works well in mixed containers, as an aquatic plant or indoor lifestyle plant.

Tried & True Fountain Grass
GRASS – Fountain Grass (Pennisetum Setaceum)

(pen iss SEE tum) (set-TAY-see-um) Fountain Grass has pretty arching light green blades with nodding feathery rose-coloured flower spikes that last from early summer to mid fall. This graceful grass with showy flowers can be used in beds and borders or it makes a perfect compliment in mixed containers. Very tolerant of dry conditions. This tender Fountain Grass… Read more »

Tried & True Grass Juncus Twisted Arrow
GRASS, Juncus Twisted Arrow™ – Spiral Rush

(JUNK uss) Twisted Arrow is a special combination of Juncus Blue Arrows (straight) and Juncus effusus spiralis (curly juncus) for high impact mix of colours and textures. This whimsical upright grass features very narrow shiny blue and green stems that are straight and spiral outward. Flowers are borne in a cluster near the end of… Read more »

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