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Calibrachoa Sweet Chimes Cherry Vanilla
CALIBRACHOA, Sweet Chimes™ Cherry Vanilla

Calibrachoa Cherry Vanilla is an early and prolific bloomer. It has dark green foliage and large raspberry, trumpet-shaped flowers each with subtle touch of white. This sun-loving annual charmer attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. With its compact mounding growth habit, Cherry Vanilla is perfect for container gardens, window boxes and hanging baskets. If plants start… Read more »

Fuchsia Gartenmeister
FUCHSIA, Gartenmeister

Gartenmeister Fuchsia is a great container plant because of its upright habit. It has dark bronze-green foliage with red-purple undersides and veins. Sometimes it is known as Honeysuckle Fuchsia because it boasts clusters of showy long-tubed, brick red blooms resembling honeysuckle flowers. It can benefit with regular deadheading throughout its blooming time. This heat tolerant… Read more »

Grass Bunny Tails
GRASS, Bunny Tails

Lagurus ovatus Ornamental grasses keep gaining popularity with gardeners and landscapers alike because they are easy to grow and maintain. Bunny Tails is loved by gardeners young and old for its soft, fluffy seed heads that resemble a rabbit’s tail. The other common names for this neat and compact annual grass is Hare’s Tail. The… Read more »

Lobelia Azure Waterfall
LOBELIA, Azure Waterfall

Lobelia Azure Waterfall displays dainty, star-shaped, sky blue flowers and dark green foliage from the spring to fall. This vegetative type of Lobelia is more heat-tolerant than most others and it does well in both sun or shade. This excellent performer is easy to grow and maintain. It attracts pollinators and are somewhat resistant to… Read more »

Marigold Fireball
MARIGOLD, Fireball

Fiery and bright, fully double 2½” (6 cm) blooms make Marigold Fireball a favourite. Multi-coloured flowers change from deep red, to bronze orange and finish a dark honey yellow. In the spring, the process is slower and the flower colour is more intense with the mild weather. This is a relatively low maintenance plant. Trim… Read more »

Marigold, Strawberry Blonde
MARIGOLD, Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde is a real breakthrough in breeding with multi-coloured blooms on the one Marigold plant. The pretty colour scheme is unique with the flowers first opening to a coral colour then turning to a soft shade of strawberry-pink or peach melba and then finishing up as a straw-yellow colour. In the spring, the process… Read more »

T&T Petunia Crazytunia Cosmic Purple
PETUNIA Crazytunia™ Cosmic Purple

The plants continually change throughout the season, reacting to environmental factors such as light levels, day length, and other seasonal elements. The striking neon pink – magenta colour and the velvety dark tones of the blooms will be a winning combination in your garden.  Cosmic Purple provides a unique blend of colours on a single… Read more »

T&T Petunia Crazytunia Mandeville
PETUNIA Crazytunia™ Mandeville

The plants continually change throughout the season, reacting to environmental factors such as light levels, day length, and other seasonal elements. The gorgeous red wine colour and golden star-like pattern of the blooms open with different expressions and hues from season to season. Mandeville provides a unique blend of colours on a single plant. Outstanding… Read more »