About Tried & True

Tried & True® is a collection of plants selected for their superior performance, ease of growth, and dependability in various gardening applications. Since its inception, Tried & True has been committed to producing exceptional plant material and introducing outstanding varieties to the market place. Home gardeners will find Tried & True plants in garden retailers and nurseries across Western Canada and parts of the United States.

We offer a diverse selection of annuals and perennials from the traditional to the new and unusual. Our plant specialists make annual trips overseas to meet and collaborate with leading international breeders and young plant suppliers in search of innovative varieties as well as improvements on existing ones. Through propagation, comprehensive growing trials and testing, the pending varieties are assessed on a wide range of criteria from flowering, growth habit, disease tolerance, adaptability, and performance in various climatic conditions. Only a handful of plants pass our rigid testing and trial process to join the Tried & True line each year.

Focus on Edibles

In 2009, recognizing that growing food was not just a passing trend, Tried & True launched its complementary Tried & True Edibles®, a premium line of garden-ready vegetable, tomato, and herb plants. It was an instant success! Our Edibles collection is comprised of heirlooms and varieties that are preferred by gourmet chefs, market growers and home gardeners. They are chosen based on appearance, taste, reliability and yield. After three years, we asked “What would make Tried & True Edibles even better?” Our customers responded “If your edibles were organic”. So in 2014, we launched our new Tried & True Organic Edibles®! We are certified by TransCanada Organic Certification (TCO Cert) and have accreditation compliance with Canada Organic Regime (COR), USCOEA and USDA Organic. We are committed to being environmentally friendly by using biological control systems, biodegradable peat pots, and recyclable plant tags. Not relying on synthetic chemicals is one of the best ways we can be kinder to the earth, leaving less impact on our environment for future generations.

Plant Something BC

As of early 2016, Tried & True has joined Plant Something BC, a BC Buy Local Initiative, to promote and encourage gardeners of all skill levels to make the local choice. It is a challenge for all British Columbians to:

Plant Something BC is a BC Buy Local initiative to promote the benefits of buying locally grown plants.