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Tried & True Garden Collection is a selection of easy to grow annual and perennial plants that are at home in any garden.

Tried & True Garden Collection plants are hard to beat for the “wow” factor – they deliver gorgeous colour when and where you need it. They have been specially selected for their flower power and lush foliage throughout the growing season. Many of the prettiest and most popular flowering and foliage plants in the garden are annuals, meaning their life cycle is one growing season so they need to be planted every year or “annually”. These garden favourites include Calibrachoas, Petunias, Geraniums, Marigolds, and Verbenas, which are all celebrated for the vibrant colour they add to the garden. These versatile plants can provide visual interest to garden beds, borders, containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Intermingling flowers in a planting scheme with vegetables and herbs add brilliant colours, textures, and even attract beneficial pollinators.

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Tried & True Aptenia Arrow
APTENIA – Heartleaf Ice Plant, Baby Sun Rose

(ap TEN ee uh) Aptenia cordifolia, mesembryanthemum cordifolium, Dorotheanthus bellidiformis This South African native succulent also known as Mezoo™, is part of the ice plant family. The heart-shaped, textured leaves of Aptenia Arrow are topped with dainty, dark magenta-red daisy-like flowers which appear from summer to fall. This low-maintenance, compact, mat-forming annual is an outstanding groundcover in… Read more »

Tried & True Argyranthemum Butterfly
ARGYRANTHEMUM – Marguerite Daisy

(arr jer RAN the mum) The Marguerite Daisy is a time-honoured favourite. This group of plants gives free reign to the imagination with every type of application possible. Argyranthemums can be used in mixed containers, as an accent to specimen plants or to add a splash of colour. They are pretty planted in large container… Read more »

Asparagus Fern FuzzyFern (4)

(uh·SPARR·uh·gus) (furn) Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri Asparagus fern, scientifically known as Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri, is a popular garden plant that adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any space. Despite its name, Asparagus Fern is not actually a fern, but it is in the same family as the vegetable (Asparagus officinalis). The term “fern” is… Read more »

Tried & True Bacopa

(bah KOE pah) Bacopa hybrid or Sutera hybrid The popularity of Bacopa is unsurpassed in the gardening world. It blooms and blooms and fills your container with glimmering, star-shaped flowers. Because it is well-branched, it makes a wonderful accent or underplanting for Geraniums, Verbena, and other annuals. This sun-loving, versatile plant lends well to mixed… Read more »

Begonia Nonstop Asst

(bee GOE nee ah) Begonia plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world and are known for their attractive foliage and bright, showy flowers. Begonias are really inspiring and dramatic – they’re garden classics. They come in a wide variety of colours and sizes, making them a popular choice for any type… Read more »

Tried & True Bidens Goldilocks

(BYE dens) Bidens hybrid With fern-like foliage and beautiful golden flowers, Bidens has a delicate appearance that is contrary to its tough nature. It flowers abundantly from spring to autumn with their large yellow flowers and veined leaves. Bidens’ fine foliage and attractive blooms make it useful for filling spaces between other plants. This new generation… Read more »

Tried & True Brachyscome Oregon Blue
BRACHYSCOME – Swan River Daisy

(BRACK eek ohm), (brack iss KOE mee) Brachyscome is also known as the Australian Daisy because it originated from Austrailia. It is a welcome addition to baskets and patio containers. Masses of blooms all summer are sure to please. Attracts butterflies. Please select flower to see care instructions.

Tried & True Bracteantha
BRACTEANTHA – Straw Flower

(brack tee AN thah) Bracteantha hybrid These Bracteantha or Straw Flowers have gorgeous, large flowers which have a paper-like feel. The dark green narrow foliage lets the unique blooms shine. The flowers have a distinct double daisy look, but there is an important difference – true petals are found only at the center of each… Read more »

Tried & True Calendula
CALENDULA – Sea Marigold

(kah LEND yoo lah) A real eye-catcher in window boxes, mixed containers, and hanging baskets with its trailing masses of large bright yellow flowers. Please select flower to see care instructions.

Tried & True Calibrachoa

(kal ih brack KOE ah) Calibrachoas are one of the most popular plants of all time because of their vibrant colours and their multitude of blooms. We are convinced all of the Tried & True varieties of Calibrachoas are the best hanging basket plants introduced in the past few years. With literally hundreds of mini-petunia-like… Read more »

Canna Lily Cannova Display

(KAN-uh lil-ee ) Canna indica Canna lilies are not related to any type of lily, but in fact, they belong to their own plant group. There are hundreds of canna cultivars varying in flower and foliage colour. The large, trumpet-shaped, showy flowers range from shades of cream and yellow to orange, pink, and red in colour…. Read more »

Tried & True Centradenia Cascade

(sent rah DEE nee ah) Centradenia has intensive mauve-pink blooms against dark foliage. Semi-trailing plants for semi-shaded to sunny positions. Excellent accent plant for mixed containers and window boxes. Please select flower to see care instructions.

Coleus Asst
COLEUS – Flame Nettle

(KOE lee us) Coleus scutellarioides Some of the most unique colours and textures for plants are found on those that do not flower or the plant may flower, but the foliage is more interesting than the bloom. Coleus has been available in a great assortment of colours such as plum, burgundy, chartreuse, gold, lime, copper,… Read more »

Tried & True Coprosma
COPROSMA- Mirror Plant or Looking Glass Plant

(kop ROS muh) Coprosma repens This amazing cultivar with its jewel-toned foliage is native to New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. Coprosma is a tender evergreen plant (min 40-50°F/ 7-10°C) grown primarily as a colour and structure plant. The shiny, smooth, and glossy leaves are outstanding hence the New Zealanders affectionately call it the… Read more »

Tried & True Cordyline Red Star
CORDYLINE – Cabbage Tree

(kor dih LYE nee)  Cordyline australis Cordyline, also known as “Ti” or the “King of Foliage”, is a stunning plant that is sure to add a touch of elegance and flair to any garden. This plant is native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. It can come in many colours or colour combinations including… Read more »

Tried & True Cuphea

 (KOO fee ah or KEW fee uh)   Cuphea Cuphea is a diverse plant genus belonging to the Lythraceae family which is made up of 250 plus different species. Depending upon the species, these tropical and subtropical plants have beautiful and uniquely shaped blooms. In cooler climates, they are grown as an annual in garden beds and… Read more »

Tried & True Dahlia

(DOLL ee ah), (DAL ee ah) Dahlia Dahlias are easy to grow and add a multitude of magnificent colours to your garden during the summer to fall months. They are available in almost every imaginable flower shape, colour, and height. There is said to be close to 50 000 named varieties that have been listed… Read more »

Tried & True Kahori

(dye ANN thuss) Dianthus Dianthus means “divine flower” in Greek likely due to their heavenly appearance and scent. Although best known for their various shades of pink, blooms from the over 300 species of dianthus span the nearly entire colour spectrum. These beautiful jagged-edged flowers are highlighted by the subtly handsome bluish-grey, mostly linear foliage…. Read more »

Tried & True Diascia

(dye ASS ee ah), (dye AY see ah) Diascia is a free flowering trailing plant that produces large numbers of bright, shell-like flowers. This early flowering variety comes in a large range of colours. Excellent in hanging baskets, containers, and borders. Please select flower to see care instructions.

Dichondra Emerald Falls

(dai·kaan·druh) Dichondra spp. Dichondra is native to Australia, but it has become a favorite among gardeners and landscapers in many parts of the world due to its low maintenance and lush appearance. Members of the morning glory family, they are very attractive and interesting additions in the garden. They have clusters of small, rounded or lily… Read more »


(yoo FOR bee ah) Euphorbia hypericifolia There are thousands of species of Euphorbia in the plant world, also known as Spurge. In a broad range of species, habits, and forms, they can range from herbs to shrubs and trees to succulents. No matter what type you decide upon, Euphorbias are extremely easy to grow. There… Read more »

Tried & True Felicia Tosca Blue
FELICIA – Kingfisher Daisy

(fel LEE she ah), (fel LISS ee ah) This beautiful garden standard has dark blue stars with yellow centres against narrow foliage. They originated from South Africa and need full sun and well-drained soil. Cold cultivation simplifies the bushy compact habit. Cooler temperatures slow down growth and promote side branching. Please select flower to see… Read more »

Tried & True Fuchsia

(FYOO shah) For over 150 years, Fuchsias have been popular with gardeners around the world. Named after the German botanist Leonhard von Fuchs (1500-1566), the first hybridizations were dated about 1820.  These garden favourites are perfect in hanging baskets, mixed containers and window boxes. Please select flower to see care instructions.

Gaura Erica
GAURA – Butterfly Flower or Beeblossom

(GAR ah) Oenothera lindheimeri or Gaura lindheimeri Gaura is generally a tender perennial (USDA Zone 6-9), but because of its outstanding qualities, it cannot be excluded from annual plant applications. When in bloom, their colourful flowers are reminiscent of pink or white flying butterflies dancing in the wind. Its small, narrow foliage is often green, but the leaves… Read more »

Tried & True Geranium

(jer RAY nee um) Pelargonium The most common geraniums available at garden centers actually belong to the genus Pelargonium. They are from the same plant family as the hardy perennial Geranium (Cranesbill), but Pelargoniums (pellarr GOE nee um) are tender perennials only hardy in milder climates. Geraniums are best planted in full sun though some… Read more »

GLECHOMA – Nepeta, Creeping Charlie

(glek KOE mah) Glechoma hederacea Glechoma (Nepeta) is an aromatic, perennial evergreen plant of the mint family, native to Europe but gaining popularity in North America. The interesting fan-shaped foliage with scalloped edges of this low-maintenance creeper is fragrant. The flowers that bloom in the spring are funnel-shaped, blue or bluish-violet to lavender in colour…. Read more »

Tried & True Grass Juncus Twisted Arrow

Ornamental grasses and grass-like plants are definitely worth planting. They work harmoniously with our natural environment and help keep our surroundings healthy and viable.  Admired for their beauty, but loved for their low maintenance and toughness, grasses can bring flair and elegance to mass plantings, borders, beds, patios, walkways, and mixed planters. They are practical… Read more »

Tried & True Helichrysum
HELICHRYSUM – Licorice Plant

(hel ih KRY sum) Helichrysum is grown for its petite, velvety, trailing foliage. The silvery sheen of licorice plant makes it a perfect complement for many other plants. Include helichrysum in hanging baskets and mixed containers, and the trailing growth will quickly fill in and provide a soft backdrop for the colourful flowers of other plants…. Read more »

Tried & True Heliotrope Satchet
HELIOTROPE – Cherry Pie Plant

(hee lee oh TROHP), (hēl yə TROHP) Heliotropium These old-fashioned flowers may have been at the forefront in your grandmother’s garden. But, their renewed popularity is no surprise, considering their attractive foliage, flowers, and scent. Very few bedding plants have Heliotrope’s reputation for sweet fragrance. Reminiscent of vanilla, the Heliotrope’s scent gave rise to its… Read more »

Ice Plant

Delosperma cooperi/Lampranthus Hardy Ice Plant gets their name from the tiny hairs on the plant that reflect light reminiscent of ice crystals. The foliage is fleshy and succulent-like, and it morphs into a darker colour as fall temperatures drop. Brilliantly coloured flowers are held close to grey-green trailing foliage. Low maintenance and constant show of colour all… Read more »

Tried & True Ipomoea
IPOMOEA – Sweet Potato Vine

(ip oh MEE uh), (ahy pey MEE uh) Few plants can rival ipomoeas or sweet potato vines for durability, everlasting colour, and creating drama in the garden. This ornamental plant is mainly grown for its attractive foliage and is a popular choice for container gardens. Their intensely-coloured foliage come in a variety of colours, including… Read more »

Tried & True Lantana
LANTANA – Yellow Sage

(lan TAN ah) Lantana camara In warmer regions, Lantana can be grown all year, but northern gardeners typically grow lantana as a bedding annual. Lantanas produce abundant, intriguingly textured flowers and fragrant leaves. Lantana’s flowers come in tight clusters and often showcase multiple hues, creating a kaleidoscope of vibrant colour. Verbena-like flower clusters emerge on… Read more »

Tried & True Lobelia

(lob BEE lee ah) Lobelia erinus The beautiful colours of Lobelia bring effect and texture to any planting. They create masses of gorgeous flowers in an assortment of colours all summer long. Our Tried & True Lobelias are heat tolerant and weather resistant. They perform well in baskets, containers, and landscape. The delicate, airy appearance… Read more »

Tried & True Lotus Vine
LOTUS VINE – Parrot’s Beak

(LOH tus) Lotus vine’s exotic looking flower is spectacular, resembling a parrot’s beak or lobster claw. Flame colour flowers in shades of red and golden yellow are perfectly suited to planter boxes, hanging baskets, window boxes, and decorative containers. Don’t plant lotus vine solely for the flowers, as this plant is highly sought after for… Read more »

Tried & True Lysimachia Goldilocks
LYSIMACHIA – Creeping Jenny, Moneywort

(lye-sih-MAK-ee-ah) Lysimachia nummularia Lysimachia or Creeping Jenny has been a cottage garden favourite for generations. It is a very durable and cold tolerant, evergreen perennial that produces small, rounded, leaves with wavy edges along trailing stems – resembling a string of small coins. This creeping plant grows quite vigorously so it makes a nice addition to… Read more »

Marigold Strawberry Blonde

(meh·ruh·gowld) Tagetes patula Marigolds are one of the most popular and versatile annual flowers. They may be second in ranking after petunias as favoured by gardeners. African marigolds are taller in stature and produce large, round flowers in bright colours. The shorter French marigolds generally have more petite flowers with a greater variety of petal types,… Read more »

MUEHLENBECKIA – Wire Vine, Creeping Wire Plant

 (mu-lan-BEK-ee-a) Muehlenbeckia complexa Muehlenbeckia is a creeping plant, native to New Zealand with distinctive small, round, emerald-green leaves and wiry dark stems. It is low maintenance and fast-spreading. This foliage plant is good for borders, rock gardens, hanging baskets, and planters. It can tolerate limited foot traffic. As the season progresses, little white flowers appear. This versatile… Read more »

Tried & True Nemesia

(nem MEE zee ah) Here is a season-long flowering beauty with snapdragon-like flowers that have yellow centres. Tried & True Nemesias are heat-tolerant and have compact, semi-trailing growth. They make a bright and colourful addition to mixed baskets and containers. Their sweet, candy-like scent is an aromatic addition to the garden or patio. Please select… Read more »

Tried & True Scardy Cat

Please select plant to see care instructions.

Tried & True Osteospermum
OSTEOSPERMUM – African Daisy, Cape Daisy

(oss tee oh SPER mum) Osteospermum is native to South Africa and comes in a wide variety of flower forms and colours. These Daisy-like plants with dark green foliage are standards in most gardens whether they are planted in borders or containers. The blooms are wonderful for cutting and appear in a wide range of… Read more »


(pet TOO nyah) Petunia is still one of the most popular and indispensable bedding plants. Petunias are prolific trailing bloomers that flower constantly all summer. An outstanding feature of Tried & True varieties is their perfect branching. They are robust, weather resistant, and distinguished by their even growth. With the wide range of striking colours… Read more »

Tried & True Plectranthus

(plek·tran·thuhs) Plectranthus ciliatus  Plectranthus consists of hundreds of species of plants native to the tropical areas. Plectranthus are part of the mint family and closely related to Coleus. Many have aromatic, colourful foliage with decorative leaf margins that tend to be wavy, toothed, or scalloped. Generally grown for their ornamental foliage, Plectranthus have spikes of small white, pink, or… Read more »

T&T Polka Dot Plant Pink

(pol·kuh dɒt plaant) (hi·po·es’·tez) Hypoestes phyllostachya The Polka dot plant, also known as Hypoestes phyllostachya, is a delightful and vibrant plant that adds a playful touch to any space. With its distinctive foliage characterized by splashes of bright colours, including pink, red, and white dots or splotches on a green background, this plant instantly catches the… Read more »

Tried & True Salpiglossis Royal Alexander
SALPIGLOSSIS – Painted Tongue

(sal pee GLOSS iss), (sal pih GLOSS iss) Salpiglossis sinuata Salpiglossis are beautiful annuals native to Chile. They are commonly known as “Painted Tongue” for obvious reasons. Each plant produces beautiful, open-faced blooms possessing rich jewel-toned colours and vivid, contrasting veins. These upright growers are best in areas with moderate summers, full sun, and fertile… Read more »

Tried & True Sanvitalia Sunshine
SANVITALIA – Creeping Zinnia

(san vih TAL ee ah) Sanvitalia’s common name describes its flower form and its low-growing creeping habit. It is a low maintenance plant and has a profusion of little yellow flowers from spring until fall. Performs well in baskets, containers, and landscapes. Please select flower to see care instructions.

Tried & True Scaevola
SCAEVOLA – Fan Flower

(skay VOE lah) Originally from Australia, Scaevola gained popularity in North America when the intriguing shape of the flowers caught the eye of gardeners. Its thick trailing stems bear Dandelion-like foliage and in the axils of these green leaves, the floral spikes appear. The petals appear on one side only, giving the flower a fan-like… Read more »

Tried & True Sedum Gobi
SEDUM – Stonecrop

(SEE dum) Sedum Sedum is a diverse group of succulent plants. With over 600 species of sedums available throughout the Northern Hemisphere, it would be hard not to find a sedum that wouldn’t fit your purpose. They are versatile, low maintenance, easy to grow and drought tolerant. Most often grown for their colourful and interesting… Read more »

Tried & True Setcreasea Purple Heart

(SET kree zee uh) Setcreasea pallida or Tradescantia pallida Setcreasea is a beautiful colour and texture plant. The succulent leaves are oval and pointed and will reach 7 inches (17.5cm) long by 1 inch (2.5cm) wide. The fleshy, fragile stems are first erect later lying on the ground as a creeper. The inconspicuous blooms range… Read more »

Purple Passion
STROBILANTHES – Persian Shield

(stroe bih LAN theez) Strobilanthes Dyeranus Strobilanthes is a beloved house plant that has found its way to the garden as colour and texture plant. The foliage is breathtaking with its multitude of colours – variegated dark green, purplish-pink on top and all purple underneath. The silvery-metallic foliage shimmers with iridescence. It is a challenge… Read more »

Tried & True Thunbergia
THUNBERGIA – Black-eyed Susan Vine

(thun BURR jee ah) Thunbergia alata Since the appearance of the vegetative-propagated Thunbergias on the market, these plants are celebrating a real renaissance. They are tender perennials (in warmer climates) but are mostly grown as annuals because they are frost tender, grow quickly and produce flowers in the first season. The showy, funnel-shaped flowers stand… Read more »

Tried & True Tibouchina
TIBOUCHINA – Princess Flower

(tib oo CHEE nah) Tibouchina urvilleana Tibouchina is a wonderful, colourful accent plant that will give a tropical flair to your containers or garden beds. The dark green velvety leaves provide an attractive backdrop for the showy blossoms. Large, royal blue-purple flowers create a spectacular sight when in full bloom from late spring to autumn. Tibouchina… Read more »

Tried & True Trailing Snapdragon Fruit Salad Dragonfruit

Part of the fun of snapdragons is that you can snap/pinch the flowers just about in the middle and the “dragon’s” mouth will open and shut. An old-time favourite with a new twist, Tried & True Trailing Snapdragon Fruit Salad™ Series sport long-lasting blooms along trailing stems. Small, dark green leaves provide an exceptional backdrop… Read more »

Verbena Asst

(ver BEE nah) Verbenas earn top marks because of the wide range of colours available from intense jewel tones to serene pastel hues. They are free-flowering and have a semi-trailing growth habit. Flower clusters of verbena are held in continuously blooming circles atop the tips of the stems. These bloom stalks keep blooming and producing new… Read more »