Taste of the Season Plant Listing

Taste of the Season by Tried & True

Taste of the Season is a specialty collection of unique, gourmet plants created with foodies in mind. These are not the kinds of fruits and vegetables that you would find in your grocery store. This line features products that are unconventional and unusual, the kind of food that are at home in a fine dining restaurant or a niche farmer’s market. All Taste of the Season plants have excellent flavour and growing characteristics, and are all certified organic. Taste of the Season will make you a homegrown gourmet!

A natural hybrid of broccoli and gailan. More commonly known as Broccolini.

Aspabroc is a hybrid of broccoli and gai lan that is commonly known as Broccolini in restaurants and grocery stores. The nutrient dense, tender stems taste of sweet broccoli with a hint of asparagus. Aspabroc is easy to grow and requires very little space. Harvest central shoots as soon as they mature in order to… Read more »

Holy Basil

Ocimum tenuiflorum.  Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi or Sacred Basil, is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is considered sacred and is much sought after in Indian culture often called the Queen of Herbs. The health-promoting properties of Holy Basil are said to help the body combat stress, aid in digestion and support the immune… Read more »

Medium-sized, globe shaped roots that are deliciously sweet and peppery in flavour.
BEETS, Chioggia Guardsmark F1

(kee-OH-jee-a) Chioggia Guardmark is an improved Italian heirloom beet variety that has excellent vigour, uniformity, and bolt tolerance. The medium-sized, globe shaped roots are deliciously sweet and peppery in flavour, and have firm not fibrous flesh. Its striking and unique bullseye pattern of bright magenta and white rings is sure to stand out in any… Read more »

Blushing golden-orange beets that are deliciously sweet.
BEETS, Touchstone Gold

Touchstone Gold is an heirloom variety beet that is a huge hit in farmer’s markets and restaurants. The smooth, round roots have red skin and blushing golden-orange flesh which is retained even after cooking. Aside from its striking colour, Touchstone Gold is known for its deliciously sweet flavour and fine texture. The tall green tops… Read more »

Bitter Melon Jade Dragon 1

Momordica Charantia Bitter Melon, also known as Bitter Gourd, Balsam Pear, ku gua, Goya and Karela, is part of the gourd family and has been cultivated in Asia since the early 1700s. This vegetable deserve its name and is for the adventurous diner and avid foodie. It enjoys a wide following and is used in cuisine… Read more »


Borage herb is an old fashioned plant that bears hundreds of small edible star-shaped blue flowers. It wards off cabbage worms and hornworms and it is a beneficial companion plant for increasing yields of strawberries and tomatoes. Borage is deer-proof and the blooms are very attractive to native pollinators such as bumblebees and butterflies. The blue… Read more »

Red Fire F1 Sprouting Broccoli

Red Fire is a hardy purple sprouting variety that can overwinter in mild winter climate zones. It produces lots of beautiful and deliciously tender spears. This tall, multi-branched plant is strong and grows with an open habit making it easier to harvest the sweet and tender, 6 – 8″ (15 – 20 cm) vibrant purple florets…. Read more »

Ediblossoms Calendula Sunshine Mix
CALENDULA Sunshine Mix

This old-fashioned favourite is a delicious blend of cream, orange, gold and yellow flowers that are semi-double to fully double. The petals of the 2 – 3″ blooms add colour and delicate flavour to salads, omelettes, and soups. Also known as poor man’s saffron – a saffron substitute.

Cheddar is a medium-sized cauliflower with bright orange heads.

Brassica oleracea var. botrytis Cheddar is a medium-sized cauliflower variety that stands out with its bright yellow-orange heads. The 2 lb (900 grams), uniform heads will produce the best colour with more sun exposure and therefore require less wrapper protection than other varieties. Easy to grow. This gourmet beauty has up to 25% more beta-carotene than… Read more »

Taste of the Season's Cauliflower Graffiti is a unique and unusual cauliflower that grow rich purple heads.

Brassica oleracea var. botrytis Graffiti is a stunning cauliflower variety. The mid-sized, eye-catching heads have smooth, tight curds coloured with rich purple tones. With sun exposure, the well-packed heads intensify their shade of purple so will require less wrapper protection than other varieties. his dependable garden performer is highly resistant to downy mildew, and is also… Read more »

Vitaverde Cauliflower

  Brassica oleracea var. botrytis The vibrant, colourful heads of Vitaverde look beautiful, both in your garden and on your dinner plate. Fast-growing and vigorous plant. This cauliflower is good for both cool and warm season production as it handles the summer heat well. Large, brilliant green heads with large, firm and heavily segmented curds, can… Read more »

TotS Ediblossom Centaurea Candy Mix

These heirloom flowers bloom in profusion, attracting both pollinating butterflies and bees. Beautiful bicolours in white, pink, blue, maroon and purple with vivid contrasting shades. The petals have a slightly spicy, clove-like flavour with a subtle sweetness.

Cucamelon are cute, palm-sized cucumber-like fruits that look like tiny watermelons. They have a refreshing cucumber taste with a hint of citrus.

Also known as Mexican Sour Gherkin or Mouse Melon Cucamelon is an heirloom native to Mexico and Central America. Looking like miniature watermelons with their distinct dark and light green stripes, these palm-sized fruits taste like cucumbers with refreshing citrus overtones. The crisp fruits can be eaten fresh or pickled. Growing cucamelons is similar to… Read more »

Taste of the Season Cucumber Adam

Adam is a high yielding variety of smooth-skinned, mini seedless cucumbers, best picked when 3 – 4″ (8 – 10 cm) long. It produces straight and uniform fruit that has a mild, sweet flavour and a very crisp texture. They make great snackers because they have tender skins which do not need to be peeled… Read more »

Taste of the Season Cucumber Lemon

This heirloom cucumber dates back to the late 1800s. The vigorous vines produce masses of small, round, yellow fruit that look like lemons. This cucumber is crunchy, sweet and full of flavour, often served raw or pickled. The taste is milder and less bitter than most other cucumbers.  Late to begin bearing fruit.

Fairy Tale Eggplant
EGGPLANT, Fairy Tale

Solanum melogena Fairy Tale eggplant, an All-American Selections (AAS) winner is an attractive ornamental landscape plant with bright purple flowers. It produces attractive lilac purple and white eggplants with wonderful non-bitter flavour, tender skin and very few seeds. Compact 18 – 24″ (46 – 76 cm) plants will produce early and heavily with clusters of… Read more »

Eggplant Hansel

Solanum melogena Hansel is a past All-American Selections (AAS) winner. This plant is compact and perfect for containers measuring no taller than 36 inches (91cm). Gardeners will enjoy the high yields and long harvest window throughout the summer. The glossy dark fruit can be harvested from 3 inches (8 cm) to 10 inches (25 cm)… Read more »

Taste of the Season Kale Red Russian
KALE, Red Russian

Red Russian is a versatile specialty kale well suited for any culinary application and can be planted as an ornamental amongst flowers in the garden. This pre-1885 heirloom, is tall in stature and  is one of the hardiest and most tender kales available. Red Russian has beautiful purple-veined, gray-green oak-type leaves and rich purple stems. The… Read more »

Kalettes is a non-GMO hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts.

Kalettes is a fresh new vegetable here to jazz up your garden. Developed through traditional breeding techniques, Kalettes is a non-GMO hybrid of kale and brussels sprouts. Like brussels sprouts, the plant grows into a tall stalk; but in place of the compact cabbage-like heads, the plant produces open florets that resemble kale. It is… Read more »

Taste of the Season Lemongrass Aroy

Lemongrass is a tropical herb commonly used in Asian cuisines. Upon first examination, the arching fountain of bluish-green foliage does not appear to be anything more than a standard variety of grass. That is until the whiff of distinctive fragrance reaches your senses. It has delicate lemon and floral notes mixed with a fresh, grass-like aroma…. Read more »

Ediblossoms Marigold Gem Mix

These old-fashioned dainty marigolds come in a colourful blend of rich paprika, gold and yellow. These flower powerhouses are great for walkways, window boxes and planters. They have an aromatic lemon verbena-like scent and slightly spicy, clove-like flavour with subtle sweetness.

Ediblossom Nasturtium Baby Orange

This new compact Nasturtium has vibrant orange blooms and uniform, mounded habit, making it a winner planted in containers, window boxes, mixed combinations, baskets, and small space gardens. The petite 2″ (5 cm) aromatic flowers are perfect sprinkled in salads or used as garnishes. The dark sea-green leaves have a peppery flavour. Attracts butterflies and… Read more »

Ediblossoms Nasturtium Baby Rosé

This beautiful rose colour is uncommon in nasturtiums. With its non-trailing and mounded habit, Baby Rosé is perfect for containers, window boxes, mixed combinations, and small space gardens.  The petite 2″ aromatic flowers are perfect sprinkled in salads or used as garnishes. The dark-green foliage has a peppery flavour. Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner and All… Read more »

Taste of the Season Ediblossoms Nasturtium Jewel Mix

This is a vibrant mixture of semi-double, 2″ blooms of red, pink, orange, and yellow shades with light green foliage. Free flowering, mounding plant habit, and easy to grow in gardens, baskets, and planters. Flowers have an aromatic, floral, and spicy taste and leaves have a peppery flavour. The colourful Nasturtium flowers are pollinator magnets…. Read more »

Okra is an excellent warm season vegetable that thrives in the summer heat.
OKRA, Clemson Spineless

Clemson Spineless is the most popular okra on the market. This heirloom variety is the 1939 All-American Selections (AAS) winner for good reason. The vigorous plant is a heavy producer of spineless, meaty dark green pods that are full of flavour. Harvest the young fruit at 4 to 6 inches (10 – 15 cm) for… Read more »

Ediblossoms Pansy Gourmet Mix
PANSY Gourmet Mix

Extra early and uniform flowering, these pansies will perform in gardens or pots. This velvety mix offers a wide range of colours from blues, reds, yellows and more. The petals can be used as a garnish on cakes and salads and baked into cookies and tarts to add a hint of colour and wintergreen flavour.

Honey Snap II Peas
PEAS, Honey Snap II

Snap Peas are firm and crisp with a gratifying snap to them and they are entirely edible — no shelling is required! Honey Snap has attractive golden yellow pods that are delicious, tender and sweet. The tips and blossoms can be harvested too. This specialty Snap Pea is perfect used fresh in salads, steamed, or… Read more »

Taste of the Season Royal Snap II Peas
PEAS, Royal Snap II

  Snap Peas are firm and crisp with a satisfying snap to them and they are entirely edible — no shelling is needed! Royal Snap is a real showstopper. It produces deliciously sweet snap peas from violet and dark-purple bicoloured flowers. The maroon pods with contrasting bright green interiors turn vibrant purple at the point… Read more »

Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper
PEPPER HOT, Carolina Reaper

This legendary variety is one of the world’s hottest peppers coming in at a staggering, eye-brow singeing 2,200,000 Scoville units. In comparison, a jalapeno comes in from 2,500 to 10,000 Scoville units. They are wrinkly and have a scorpion like tail. As you first taste these bright red peppers, you get a fruity sweet chilli… Read more »

Taste of the Season Pepper Ghost
PEPPER HOT, Ghost (Bhut Jolokia)

This legendary variety is one of the world’s hottest peppers coming in at an astonishing, tongue-melting 855,000 to 1,000,000 Scoville units. To put that into perspective, a jalapeno pepper is a mere 2,500 to 10,000 Scoville units. As you first taste these thin-skinned, wrinkly red peppers, you get an intense sweet chili flavour that is… Read more »

Pepper Sriracha
PEPPER HOT, Sriracha

Sriracha is the perfect ingredient to add zest to salsas and Mexican cuisine. Hot peppers are excellent fresh, pickled or made into jelly. This large and firm, uniformly dark green pepper has beautiful smooth skin and a thick wall. Good heat content – 2500 – 8000 Scoville units. Jalapeno is typically picked or served when… Read more »

Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper
PEPPER HOT, Trinidad Scorpion

Trinidad Scorpion, also known as Moruga Scorpion, is named after the location it originated from Moruga, Trinidad. One of the world’s hottest peppers, Trinidad Scorpion  tops the charts at a bewildering 2,000,000 Scoville units. A jalapeno comes in from 2,500 to 10,000 Scoville units. The immense heat kicks in and lingers on after the initial… Read more »

Togarashi Shishito Pepper

  Capsicum annuum Shishito peppers have long been popular in Japan and now have gained much notoriety in the local food scene. The compact and bushy plants are well-branched and  have very high yields. The 3-4 inches long fruits start off glossy lime green and will mature to a red colour. Whether roasted, grilled, sautéed, or… Read more »

Radish Colourful Mix
RADISH, Colourful Mix

Raphanus sativus Our Colourful Mix is a premium blend of five-plus distinctly coloured radishes. The flesh is white and the roots can become relatively large without getting pithy. Look for white, rose pink, bubblegum pink, amethyst, mauve, scarlet and purple roots. The uniform roots are round and flavourful, with tops that are good for bunching…. Read more »

Radish Stargazer
RADISH, Stargazer

Raphanus sativus Radishes originated from China and Middle Asia but were known in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Stargazer is a stunning type of watermelon radish. Watermelon radish is an heirloom variety of daikon radish first originating from China. They do not taste like watermelon but rather bear a resemblance to the fruit. The upright… Read more »

Taste of the Season Shiso Britton
SHISO, Britton (Perilla)

Britton is a beautiful shiso variety that has eye-catching green leaves with beautifully rich red undersides. Shiso may not be well-known in Western cooking but across Asia, this deeply flavourful herb is a household name. The vibrant and refreshing taste of these aromatic leaves is similar to a combination between mint, basil and cinnamon with… Read more »

Taste of the Season Shiso Green
SHISO, Green (Perilla)

Hardy annual with bright green, pronounced and spicy scented leaves. Shiso’s flavour is comparable to a basil-mint mix. Rich in calcium and iron. Commonly used in Asia for seasoning, colouring, pickling and garnishing. Small white flowers which arrive later in the season can be used as a decorative condiment.

Lemon Sun Squash (Patty Pan)

Cucurbita pepo Lemon Sun is a patty pan type of summer squash. The flavour is delicate and mild, similar to that of zucchini. Sometimes, it is known as scalloped squash, custard squash or sunburst squash. This vigorous and strong bush plant is most suited for inground gardening. It produces prolific yields of bright yellow, uniform, disc-shaped… Read more »

Tried & True Tomaccio Tomato
TOMATO, Tomaccio™

(toe-MAH-chee-oh) or (toe-MAH-see-oh) Tomaccio is a unique variety developed through 12 hard years of breeding work using wild Peruvian tomato species. This gourmet sweet raisin tomato was bred to be a vigorous, and high-yielding. Tomaccio is excellent for snacking fresh or dried – the fruit skin is fairly thick and highly porous, which allows for… Read more »

Ediblossoms Viola Jazzy Johnny Jump Ups
VIOLA Johnny Jump Ups

These dainty little flowers look like miniature pansies with pretty flower faces. They are weather tolerant, long blooming and are perfect for  containers and gardens. The blossoms are edible with a mild wintergreen flavour and make tasty garnishes and decorations.

Ediblossoms Viola Tasty Mix
VIOLA Tasteful Mix

These gourmet violas were bred for especially for their taste and fragrance. They can be grown in both summer and winter. Their large flowers have a peppery taste, sweet and tart. Pluck the petals of these flowers for use in salads, soups, desserts and drinks. Flowers can be candied.