TOMATO, Little Bing

T&T Tomato Little Bing
Little Bing is a determinate tomato plant with a compact and tidy habit. It is a perfect patio plant and has pretty green leaves. Fruit sets and ripens over a period of a few weeks, allowing harvest of many tomatoes at one time. Little Bing has high yields of flavourful, red cherry-size tomatoes. They’re perfect for eating fresh or add to your favourite recipe.

NutritionNitrogen=high, Phosphorus=high, Potassium=high
Maturity60 - 65 days
HeightDeterminate; 24" (61 cm)
Spacing12" (30 cm)
LightFull sun
SoilFertile, well-draining soil
pH Range6.2 - 6.8
WateringEven thorough watering; careful not to over water
FertilizingAll-purpose time released tomato fertilizer

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