Feature Varieties – Organic Edibles

Asian Stir-Fry
606 VARIETY PACK, Asian Stir Fry

Bok Choy and Shanghai Bok Choy are cool-season Asian vegetables which are delicious, tender and easy to grow.

Rainbow Cauliflower
606 VARIETY PACK, Rainbow Cauliflower

Coming soon for 2020…

Everleaf Emerald Tower Basil
BASIL, Everleaf Emerald Tower

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Newton Basil
BASIL, Newton

Coming soon for 2020…

Tiger is a fast growing collards variety with rich, flavourful leaves.

Brassica oleracea var. acephal Tiger is a fast-growing collard green variety that had an exceptionally high yield potential and rapid re-growth. The slightly savoyed, blue-green leaves have a rich, gourmet flavour that sweetens in cool weather. This variety is tolerant of both heat and cold conditions and is resistant to bolting.

Lavender Bandera Pink
LAVENDER, Bandera Pink

Bandera Pink has a dreamy aroma and stunning pink colour on a dense, compact plant body. It is the perfect Spanish lavender for planting in container or in the front border. This low maintenance lavender is easy to grow and self-cleaning. Prolific flowering all season long. It loves the heat and is drought tolerant. A pollinator… Read more »

Orange Marmalade Pepper
PEPPERS, Orange Marmalade

Coming soon for 2020…

Snackabelle Red Pepper
PEPPERS, Snackabelle Red

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Sugar Love is a sweet herb that is gaining popularity as a sugar substitute
STEVIA, Sugar Love

Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia is a popular herb hailing from South America. Quickly gaining worldwide popularity in recent year, the extracts of this sweet herb is said to be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Sugar Love is an excellent garden performer. Its basal branching and uniformity is unmatched meaning it has outstanding pot performance…. Read more »

Candyland Tomato
TOMATO, Candyland

Candyland Tomato is a currant type of tomato – smaller than cherry-type.  This national AAS award-winner has very high yields of tiny, dark red fruit. The very sweet flavourful fruit can be enjoyed throughout the season.  The tomato plant has a compact and tidy habit with branched trusses of fruit forming on the outside of… Read more »

Legend Tomato
TOMATO, Legend

Legend tomato was introduced by Dr. James Baggett at Oregon State University. This very early variety has a strong resistance against the late blight fungus and sets fruit under cool temperatures so it is very suitable for the Pacific Northwest. Legend sets large, glossy red fruit with sweet flavour and contains few seeds. A unique… Read more »

Little Bing Tomato
TOMATO, Little Bing

Little Bing is a determinate tomato plant with a compact and tidy habit. It is a perfect patio plant and has pretty green leaves. Fruit sets and ripens over a period of a few weeks, allowing harvest of many tomatoes at one time. Little Bing has high yields of flavourful, red cherry-size tomatoes. They’re perfect for… Read more »