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Signature Salad
606 VARIETY PACK, Signature Salad

Salad lovers unite. Signature Salad is the ultimate collection of the most popular salad greens.

Lavender Bandera

With an ethereal fragrance and exquisite colour, this Spanish lavender is a must-grow. Bandera’s compact body is covered in gorgeous rich purple flower spikes all season long. Its dense, mounded form make it a superb choice for containers. This low maintenance lavender is an ease to grow. It loves the heat and are drought tolerant…. Read more »

Pepper Thai Dragon
PEPPER, Hot Thai Dragon

Thai Dragon is loaded with slender red and green peppers that are extremely flavourful and spicy! Attractive, container-friendly variety.

Tomato Lemon Boy
TOMATO, Lemon Boy

Lemon Boy is an eye-catching hybrid with brilliant colour and delightful taste. The meaty, 6 oz fruit are an excellent choice for slicing. Bright, lemon-coloured fruit grow on tall vines that will require staking.