Feature Varieties – Organic Edibles

Tuscan Garden
606 VARIETY PACK, Tuscan Garden

Our Tuscan Garden varieties can be found  in traditional recipes from pasta, soups and stews. Includes 3 Santorini Spinach, 1 of Vates Blue Curled Kale, Bright Lights Swiss Chard and Detroit Supreme Beet.

Tried & True Swiss Chard Bright Lights
SWISS CHARD, Bright Lights

This attractive and colourful chard mix was an All-American Selection Winner in 1998 and recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit . Pink, crimson, bright gold, orange, white and mauve stems are radiant beneath slightly savoyed green and burgundy leaves. Very mild tasting. Can be grown in large containers.

Sugar Gloss is an extremely sweet and delicious cherry sized tomato. High yielding with double trusses of fruit.
TOMATO, Sugar Gloss

Sugar Gloss is your new go-to cherry tomato variety. Unlike most vine type tomatoes, Sugar Gloss has two elegant trusses which produce an abundance of bright cherry red fruit. This tomato has a 12% BRIX rating meaning that each 0.75 oz tomato is bursting with sweetness.

Tried & True Sweet Hearts F1 Grape Tomato
TOMATO, Sweet Hearts F1 Grape

Sweet Hearts produce incredible yields of full long clusters of small oval grape-type tomatoes that have a meaty texture and sweet flavour. The fruit of this indeterminate plant is brilliant red, very firm and very tolerant to cracking. Good shelf life. Fusarium tolerant.