APTENIA – Heartleaf Ice Plant, Baby Sun Rose

(ap TEN ee uh)

Tried & True Aptenia


Aptenia cordifolia, mesembryanthemum cordifolium

Aptenia is a South African native succulent that is part of the ice plant family. The heart-shaped, textured leaves are topped with magenta flowers. This is a compact, mat-forming perennial that provides outstanding groundcover in rock gardens and landscapes.

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Varieties Listing

Tried & True Aptenia Arrow

Arrow is a beloved succulent that is grown for its beautiful foliage and bright flowers. The heart-shaped, ivory-edged green leaves are wonderfully contrasted against bright magenta blooms making it an exceptional accent plant in mixed baskets and planters. Its trailing habit also makes Arrow great for groundcover. This low maintenance plant is an ease to… Read more »

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