(bah KOE pah)

Tried & True Bacopa

Tried & True Bacopa

Bacopa hybrid or Sutera hybrid

The popularity of Bacopa is unsurpassed in the gardening world. It blooms and blooms and fills your container with glimmering, star-shaped flowers. Because it is well-branched, it makes a wonderful accent or underplanting for Geraniums, Verbena, and other annuals. This sun-loving, versatile plant lends well to mixed containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, as well as a ground cover in the garden. All Tried & True varieties of Bacopa have large blooms, are free flowering and extremely heat and disease resistant.

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Varieties Listing

Tried & True Bacopa Blueberry Shake
BACOPA, Blueberry Shake™

Blueberry Shake is an improved Bacopa variety that is more vigorous and disease and heat resistant. It appears delicate with its dainty blue blooms with yellow centers against a background of rich green foliage on trailing stems. This well-branched Bacopa is outstanding in hanging baskets, mixed plantings, or flower beds.  

Tried & True Bacopa Double Blueberry Shake
BACOPA, Double Blueberry Shake™

Double Blueberry Shake has decorative, large light blue double flowers. It blooms early and continuously all season long. It is well-branched and compact in growth habit. Excellent for pots, hanging baskets and mixed containers.

Tried & True Bacopa Double Vanilla Shake
BACOPA, Double Vanilla Shake™

First double Bacopa on the world market. Double Vanilla Shake has decorative, large double white flowers. It is early, rich flowering, well branched and compact in growth habit. Splendid for pots, hanging baskets and mixed containers.

Tried & True Bacopa Grape Shake
BACOPA, Grape Shake™

Bacopa Grape Shake is an absolute must – this plant will not fail to please. It offers a full canopy of stunning vibrant pink star-shaped flowers from spring to first hard frost. This versatile plant is ideal in hanging baskets, window boxes, flower beds and mixed containers.

Tried & True Bacopa Vanilla Shake
BACOPA, Vanilla Shake™

Vanilla Shake is a new and improved Bacopa with large, bright clear-white flowers. It blooms all summer until first hard frost and is fast growing. It is extremely disease resistant and heat tolerant. Bacopa is the number one choice in hanging baskets, mixed plantings or flower beds.

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