(bee GOE nee ah)

Begonia Nonstop Asst 2

Begonias are really inspiring and dramatic – they’re garden classics. With beautiful flowers, a trailing habit, and decorative foliage, the begonia will fulfill your gardening needs. Begonias are useful for containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes. The Joy Series’ large, double flowers are real showstoppers in almost any garden application. Gryphon is prized for its spectacular foliage.

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Varieties Listing

Gryphon Begonia
BEGONIA, Gryphon

Beautiful foliage plant with large, dark green leaves splashed with silver. The stems, veins, and undersides of the palmate leaves are maroon in colour. Gryphon thrives when grown in shade gardens and containers.

Begonia Nonstop Joy Orange
BEGONIA, Nonstop Joy Orange

Nonstop Joy Orange’s vibrant colour and large double blooms pop in hanging baskets, window boxes, planters, and garden beds. This showstopper begonia blooms all season long with an abundance of bright orange flowers. The plant body is strong and has well-branched growth which makes it resistant to breakage and wind damage. This unique mounding, semi-trailing begonia… Read more »

Begonia Nonstop Joy Yellow
BEGONIA, Nonstop Joy Yellow

An abundance of large, bright yellow double blooms add vibrant colour to mixed combo planters and hanging baskets all season long. The strong, well-branched growth of this begonia means it is resistant to breakage and wind damage. Joy is an easy to grow, drought and heat tolerant plant that does not require deadheading. Attracts hummingbirds… Read more »

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