(BYE dens)

Tried & True Bidens

Tried & True Bidens

With fern-like foliage and beautiful golden flowers, Bidens has a delicate appearance that is contrary to its tough nature. It flowers abundantly with their distinctive yellow flowers and veined leaves. This new generation trailer is easy to cultivate and needs a sunny location. Cold cultivation is the best method to get compact and branched growth. Bidens is an absolute must for mixed containers, pots, hanging baskets, and flower beds. Its fine foliage and attractive flowers make it useful for filling spaces between other plants.

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Varieties Listing

Tried & True Bidens Goldilocks
BIDENS, Goldilocks™

Goldilocks is one of the best yellow flowering plants for baskets and beds. It has large golden-yellow starry flowers and ferny foliage.  It bloom early and continue through until the first hard frost. Sun and heat lovers.

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