COLEUS – Flame Nettle

(KOE lee us)

Coleus Asst

Coleus scutellarioides

Some of the most unique colours and textures for plants are found on those that do not flower or the plant may flower, but the foliage is more interesting than the bloom. Coleus has been available in a great assortment of colours such as plum, burgundy, chartreuse, gold, lime, copper, and wine. It is an outstanding colour and structure plant with bold eye-catching patterned foliage. The colourful foliage creates a dramatic display when several varieties are grouped together in a single container or group of containers. Coleus makes an excellent accent plant in mixed containers, window boxes, and patio planters with other annuals or perennials. It also makes a great addition to borders and can be used in mass plantings. When flower buds develop, it is best to pinch them off because the plants tend to stretch out and become less attractive after they flower.

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Varieties Listing

Coleus Stained Glassworks Raspberry Tart
COLEUS, Stained Glassworks Raspberry Tart

Raspberry Tart is noted for its stunning foliage colours – beautiful reddish bronze with chartreuse edges. Versatile garden plant because it tolerates full sun and light shade. Excellent choice for landscapes and containers.

Burgundy Wedding Train is a superb garden performer that cascades from the sides of containers.
COLEUS, Stained Glassworks™ Burgundy Wedding Train

Burgundy Wedding Train is a highly revered coleus because of its excellent garden performance and ease of growth. This small-leaved bedding plant is an eye-catcher with its rich burgundy leaves and glowing lime green edges. Burgundy Wedding Train lends itself well to mixed containers contrasting nicely with brightly coloured flowers. Cascades gracefully from the edges… Read more »

Coleus Stained Glassworks Kiwi Fern
COLEUS, Stained Glassworks™ Kiwi Fern

Kiwi Fern has a unique leaf shape and eye-catching colour. It is prized for its burgundy and purple ruffled leaves which are edged in gold. Kiwi Fern is well-branched and heat tolerant. It makes a bold accent for borders, beds, pots and window boxes. As a stand-alone in monoculture containers, the crocodile-like foliage of this… Read more »

Luminesce is a top-pick coleus that adds depth and rich colour to containers, borders, and hanging baskets.
COLEUS, Stained Glassworks™ Luminesce

Luminesce is a top pick coleus that cannot be overlooked! The coveted bedding plant adds depth and colour to containers, borders, hanging baskets with its serrated green leaves bursting with glowing pink and rich red tones. Luminesce is a fast growing and low maintenance variety that can tolerate a variety of growing conditions, such as… Read more »

Tried & True Coleus Sunny Sarah
COLEUS, Sunny Sarah™

Sunny Sarah Coleus provides an excellent mixture of colour, structure, and texture with its beautiful rich maroon and lime-green edged roundish foliage. It is well-branched and has a blue flower in late summer. Tolerates sun to part shade. Coleus is great in combination planters, window boxes and garden beds.

Scarlett is a bold and eye-catching coleus that will help to create a spectacular display.
COLEUS, Sunny Scarlett™

Be bold with your garden containers and annual flower beds. Sunny Scarlett will help create a spectacular display with its large radiant crimson and lime green foliage. This well-branching, low maintenance bedding plant is coveted for its versatility. Not only tolerant of heat and humidity, Sunny Scarlett also thrives in both sunny and partial shady conditions…. Read more »

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