Marigold Strawberry Blonde

Marigold Strawberry Blonde


Marigolds are one of the most popular and versatile annual flowers. They may be second in ranking after petunias as favoured with gardeners. African marigolds are taller in stature and produce large, round flowers in bright colours. The shorter French marigolds generally have more petite flowers with a greater variety of petal types, markings and colours. Marigolds are exceptionally easy to grow and maintain, provides vibrant colour until autumn frost, relatively free of pests and diseases, stand up to heat, rain and windy conditions.

Varieties Listing

Marigold Fireball
MARIGOLD, Fireball

Fiery and bright, fully double 2½” (6 cm) blooms make Marigold Fireball a favourite. Multi-coloured flowers change from deep red, to bronze orange and finish a dark honey yellow. In the spring, the process is slower and the flower colour is more intense with the mild weather. This is a relatively low maintenance plant. Trim… Read more »

Marigold, Strawberry Blonde
MARIGOLD, Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde is a real breakthrough in breeding with multi-coloured blooms on the one Marigold plant. The pretty colour scheme is unique with the flowers first opening to a coral colour then turning to a soft shade of strawberry-pink or peach melba and then finishing up as a straw-yellow colour. In the spring, the process… Read more »

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