Tried & True Plectranthus

Tried & True Plectranthus

Plectranthus ciliatus 

Plectranthus consists of hundreds of species of plants native to the tropical areas. Plectranthus are part of the mint family and closely related to Coleus. Many have aromatic, colourful foliage with decorative leaf margins that tend to be wavy, toothed, or scalloped. Generally grown for their ornamental foliage, Plectranthus have spikes of small white, pink, or purple flowers that attract pollinators to the garden. These versatile plants can be grown as a border plant, groundcover, or an accent “spiller” plant in hanging baskets and planters. Some gardeners even grow them as indoor house plants.

Varieties Listing

Plectranthus Twisted Lemon 2

This low maintenance plant has heart-shaped variegated leaves. In the spring, the velvety foliage starts off chartreuse in colour and then becomes a darker green with scalloped lemon-yellow edges. It is a sturdy, well-branched, mounding plant with a fragrant lemon scent. Good as a border plant, groundcover, or an accent “spiller” plant in baskets and… Read more »

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