SALPIGLOSSIS – Painted Tongue

(sal pee GLOSS iss), (sal pih GLOSS iss)

Tried & True Salpiglossis

Tried & True Salpiglossis

Salpiglossis sinuata

Salpiglossis are beautiful annuals native to Chile. They are commonly known as “Painted Tongue” for obvious reasons. Each plant produces beautiful, open-faced blooms possessing rich jewel-toned colours and vivid, contrasting veins. These upright growers are best in areas with moderate summers, full sun, and fertile soil. These annuals look fantastic in the center of garden beds and containers, and are surrounded by low-growing that cover their untidy feet. Deadheading spent blooms will optimize flowering. Salpiglossis also make excellent cut flowers.

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Varieties Listing

Tried & True Salpiglossis Royal Alexander
SALPIGLOSSIS, Royal Alexander

Royal Alexander is adored by all gardeners who choose it. The velvety trumpet flower is striking and one-of-a-kind, sporting beautiful deep purple and golden hues marbled with red undertones. The dark veining produces a majestic stained glass effect when backlit by the sun. This plant can bloom floriferously but require deadheading to promote repeat blooming…. Read more »

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