SCAEVOLA – Fan Flower

(skay VOE lah)

Tried & True Scaevola


Originally from Australia, Scaevola gained popularity in North America when the intriguing shape of the flowers caught the eye of gardeners. Its thick trailing stems bear Dandelion-like foliage and in the axils of these green leaves, the floral spikes appear. The petals appear on one side only, giving the flower a fan-like appearance. The bloom colour remains the same in the rain or sun. Scaevola is popular for hanging baskets and as an edging plant in a container where it can trail down. It is also an attractive filler plant in mixed containers, as the trailing habit will spread between other plants. Fan flowers can be used for ground cover and rockeries.

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Varieties Listing

Tried & True Scaevola Diamond

An elegant and floriferous low spreading ground cover.  This unique plant has long arching stems and attractive bicolour lilac and white fan-shaped flowers. An outstanding plant for rockeries, borders, mixed containers and baskets.

Scaevola Indigo Website

Scaevola Indigo sports a profusion of large brilliant blue, fan-shaped flowers and green foliage on slightly toothed stems. This floriferous filler plant is drought tolerant and thrives in hot summer temperatures. Scaevola is a pest-resistant and low-maintenance plant. It is self-cleaning so deadheading the spent blooms is not required. Indigo is ideal for garden beds,… Read more »

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