TIBOUCHINA – Princess Flower

(tib oo CHEE nah)

Tried & True Tibouchina


Tibouchina urvilleana

Tibouchina is a wonderful, colourful accent plant that will give a tropical flair to your containers. Large, royal purple blossoms create a spectacular sight when in full bloom. Tibouchina is great as a specimen or as an accent in a mixed container. It can be grown into a rounded shrub or trained into a small tree. The dark green velvety leaves provide an attractive backdrop for red or orange flowers.

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Varieties Listing

Tried & True Tibouchina Latin Princess
TIBOUCHINA, Latin Princess®

Latin Princess is vigorous grower that blooms constantly all summer. The dark green, velvety leaves may have red margins. Rounded, red-tinged buds open to reveal royal cobalt blue flowers in late spring to late fall. The vivid large blooms are self-cleaning. A stunning centrepiece in an established border or in large containers.

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