BRACHYSCOME, Virginia Violet™

This spectacular Swan River Daisy is ideal for hanging baskets, pots, window boxes, and mixed containers. When compared to the old varieties of Brachyscome, Virginia Violet outshines them. It offers a summer parade of gorgeous one inch large violet daisy-like flowers with yellow centers and rich green foliage. The compact plants have a mounded-trailing growth habit. Excellent in full sunlight or in partial shade.

Bloom TimeConstant colour all summer until first hard frost.
Height4-6 inches (10-15 cm)
Width14 inches (36 cm)
Companion PlantCompatible with all Tried & True varieties. Looks especially good with Petunia SunPassion Sunny Yellow and Verbena Sweet Dreams White Night.
WateringRegularly, to keep soil moist.
FeedingRegularly with a high nitrogen plant food.
PlantingWell drained soil in full sun.

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