GRASS – Fountain Grass (Pennisetum Setaceum)

(pen iss SEE tum) (set-TAY-see-um)

Fountain Grass has pretty arching light green blades with nodding feathery rose-coloured flower spikes that last from early summer to mid fall. This graceful grass with showy flowers can be used in beds and borders or it makes a perfect compliment in mixed containers. Very tolerant of dry conditions. This tender Fountain Grass is best treated as an annual.

Bloom TimeConstant foliage colour all summer until first hard frost.
Height48-72 inches (122-183cm)
Width24-28 inches (61-71cm)
Companion PlantCompatible with all Tried and True varieties. Looks especially good as a foliage accent.
WateringKeep evenly moist at all times.
FeedingPeriodically with a high nitrogen plant food
PlantingWell-drained soil in full sun