SEDUM, Patagonia

Patagonia is a spectacular sedum that flaunts beautiful rounded, sage green and ivory succulent foliage edged in pink. In the summer months, it produces an abundance of light pink clusters of blooms. This low-growing, hardy perennial (USDA Zone 4-9) is an ease to grow and quite drought tolerant. Sedum Patagonia is also a butterfly favourite! It is great in rock gardens, mixed containers, low borders and garden beds.

HabitMounding, mat-forming, dense trailing
Height4-6" (10-15 cm)
Width12-18" (30-46 cm)
Companion PlantAll Tried & True varieties.
WateringAllow soil to dry slightly between watering.
FeedingOccasionally with all-purpose plant food.
PlantingWell-drained soil in full sun to partial shade.

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