TORENIA, Magenta Dream™

Torenia Dream Series’ unique flower colours along with their trailing habits make these plants most desirable. Early flowering and well-branched, these all season performers produce masses of vivid magenta bi-coloured flowers.  Beautiful plant for borders, hanging baskets, and mixed containers. Torenia are ideal in semi-shaded places.


Bloom TimeConstant colour all summer until first frost.
Height8 – 10 inches (20-25 cm)
Width10-12 inches (25-30 cm)
Companion PlantCompatible with all Tried & True & regular varieties. Looks especially good with Bacopa Vanilla Shake and Nemesia Innocence.
WateringAllow to dry slightly between watering.
FeedingRegularly with a high nitrogen plant food.
PlantingWell-drained soil in full sun to partial shade