STRAWBERRIES, Berries Galore

Berries Galore is an excellent dual-purpose edible and ornamental selection noted for its wild berry taste. This everbearing runner variety bears large fruit which can be harvested frequently throughout summer and autumn. It has glossy, deep green leaves and large early blooms. Productivity increases with the age of the plant. Plant so their roots are well covered with soil, but the crown is exposed to light and air. If the crown is buried the plant may rot.

Maturity75 days
Height6 – 8” (15 – 20 cm)
Spacing18” (46 cm)
LightFull sun
SoilFertile, organic and well draining
pH Range5.5 to 6.5
WateringRegular watering, even moisture
FertilizingBalanced fertilizer at time of planting and regularly during the season.
Nutrients RequiredNitrogen=moderate, Phosphorus=moderate, Potassium=moderate