WATERMELON, Sugar Baby – Heirloom

Sugar Baby is a popular 1959 heirloom variety that is dark green and sweet. “Baby” is a term for those fruits that average under ten pounds. This early variety is a small-fruited “ice-box” type bearing 6-8” (15 – 20cm) in diameter fruit weighing 6 – 10lbs (2.7 – 4.5 kg). The hard rind turns green-black when ripe and the crisp red-orange flesh with dark brown seeds is incredibly sweet and flavourful. Compact vines and consistent yields make Sugar Baby perfect for small gardens.

Maturity70 – 80 days
Height8 – 10” (20 – 25 cm)
Spacing3 – 5’ (0.9 – 1.52 M)
LightFull sun
SoilFertile, organic and well draining
pH Range6.0 to 6.8
WateringRegular watering, even moisture
FertilizingBalanced fertilizer at time of planting and regularly during the season.
Nutrients RequiredNitrogen = high, Phosphorus = high, Potassium = high

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