BEETS, Chioggia Guardsmark F1

Medium-sized, globe shaped roots that are deliciously sweet and peppery in flavour.

Chioggia Guardsmark Beets


Chioggia Guardmark is an improved Italian heirloom beet variety that has excellent vigour, uniformity, and bolt tolerance. The medium-sized, globe shaped roots are deliciously sweet and peppery in flavour, and have firm not fibrous flesh. Its striking and unique bullseye pattern of bright magenta and white rings is sure to stand out in any dish. Above the light red smooth roots are the medium green tops that are packed with nutrients and mild in flavour. Excellent spring, summer, and fall performance. Extended periods of high temperatures lessens colour intensity.

Maturity55 - 65 days
Height20 - 24 inches (51 - 61 cm)
Spacing12 - 18 inches (30 - 46 cm)
LightFull sun to part sun
SoilWell draining, loamy/sandy soil
pH Range6.0 to 6.8
WateringKeep soil evenly moist
FertilizingLight compost/fertilizer can help foster growth
Nutrients RequiredNitrogen = low; Phosphorus = high; Potassium = high

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