BROKALI, Atlantis

Atlantis is a unique, hybrid cross between Calabrese broccoli and kale. It produces small well-formed heads along with a plethora of tender and delicious side shoots. Harvesting the main heads promotes side shoot growth, and continual cutting improves yields. Atlantis is tender in texture and boasts a sweet flavour between broccoli and asparagus. Atlantis performs well in cool weather and withstands most frosts.

Maturity60-80 days
Spacing18-24 inches (45-60 cm)
LightFull Sun
SoilRich, well-drained.
pH Range6.0 - 6.8
WateringEven watering throughout crop.
FertilizingBalanced fertilizer at the time of planting.
Nutrients RequiredNitrogen=moderate to high, Phosphorus=high, Potassium=high