OKRA, Clemson Spineless

Clemson Spineless is the most popular okra on the market. This heirloom variety is the 1939 All-American Selections winner for good reason. The vigorous plant is a heavy producer of spineless, meaty dark green pods that are full of flavour. Harvest the young fruit at 4 to 6 inches for the best flavour and optimal tenderness. The cream-coloured okra flowers can also be eaten and will provide a sweet and mild flavour. Clemson Spineless is a warm-season vegetable that thrives in the summer heat and will produce fruit until the cool weather in autumn.

Maturity56 days
Height36-48 inches (91-122 cm)
Spacing12-18 inches (30-46 cm)
LightFull sun
SoilWell-draining, fertile soil
pH Range6.5 - 7.0
WateringKeep soil evenly moist

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