Taste of the Season Plant Listing

Taste of the Season by Tried & True

Taste of the Season is a specialty collection of unique, gourmet plants created with foodies in mind. These are not the kinds of fruits and vegetables that you would find in your grocery store. This line features products that are unconventional and unusual, the kind of food that are at home in a fine dining restaurant or a niche farmer’s market. All Taste of the Season plants have excellent flavour and growing characteristics, and are all certified organic. Taste of the Season will make you a homegrown gourmet!

A natural hybrid of broccoli and gailan. More commonly known as Broccolini.

Aspabroc is a hybrid of broccoli and gai lan that is commonly known as Broccolini in restaurants and grocery stores. The nutrient dense, tender stems taste of sweet broccoli with a hint of asparagus. Aspabroc is easy to grow and requires very little space. Harvest central shoots as soon as they mature in order to… Read more »

Holy Basil

Ocimum tenuiflorum. Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi or Sacred Basil, is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is considered sacred and is much sought after in Indian culture often called the Queen of Herbs. The health-promoting properties of Holy Basil are said to help the body combat stress, aid in digestion and support the immune system…. Read more »

Medium-sized, globe shaped roots that are deliciously sweet and peppery in flavour.
BEETS, Chioggia Guardsmark F1

(kee-OH-jee-a) Chioggia Guardmark is an improved Italian heirloom beet variety that has excellent vigour, uniformity, and bolt tolerance. The medium-sized, globe shaped roots are deliciously sweet and peppery in flavour, and have firm not fibrous flesh. Its striking and unique bullseye pattern of bright magenta and white rings is sure to stand out in any… Read more »

Blushing golden-orange beets that are deliciously sweet.
BEETS, Touchstone Gold

Touchstone Gold is an heirloom variety beet that is a huge hit in farmer’s markets and restaurants. The smooth, round roots have red skin and blushing golden-orange flesh which is retained even after cooking. Aside from its striking colour, Touchstone Gold is known for its deliciously sweet flavour and fine texture. The tall green tops… Read more »

Cheddar is a medium-sized cauliflower with bright orange heads.

Cheddar is a medium sized cauliflower variety that stands out with its bright yellow-orange heads. The 2 lb, uniform heads will produce the best colour with more sun exposure and therefore require less wrapper protection than other varieties. Cheddar has up to 25% more beta-carotene than standard white cauliflower varieties. Mild and sweet in flavour…. Read more »

Taste of the Season's Cauliflower Graffiti is a unique and unusual cauliflower that grow rich purple heads.

Graffiti is a stunning cauliflower variety. The mid-sized, eye-catching heads have smooth, tight curds coloured with rich purple tones. With sun exposure, the well-packed heads intensify their shade of purple so will require less wrapper protection than other varieties. The 2 lb flavourful heads won’t lose its unique colouring when cooked. This dependable garden performer… Read more »

Cucamelon are cute, palm-sized cucumber-like fruits that look like tiny watermelons. They have a refreshing cucumber taste with a hint of citrus.

Also known as Mexican Sour Gherkin or Mouse Melon Cucamelon is an heirloom native to Mexico and Central America. Looking like miniature watermelons with their distinct dark and light green stripes, these palm-sized fruits taste like cucumbers with refreshing citrus overtones. The crisp fruits can be eaten fresh or pickled. Growing cucamelons is similar to… Read more »

Taste of the Season Cucumber Adam

Adam is a high yielding variety of smooth skinned cucumbers. It produces straight and uniform fruit that have a mild, sweet flavour and a crisp texture. Adam does not rely on pollination making it a perfect choice for greenhouse growers.

Taste of the Season Cucumber Crystal Apple
CUCUMBER, Crystal Apple

Crystal Apple is an Australian heirloom cucumber dating back to the early 1930s. These plants are very prolific, producing large numbers of delicious cucumbers. The large golf-ball sized fruits are an attractive pale green and resemble Granny Smith apples. When mature, Crystal Apples have crisp and tender flesh with a sweet, mild flavour. They are… Read more »

Taste of the Season Cucumber Lemon

This heirloom cucumber dates back to the late 1800s. The vigorous vines produce masses of small, round, yellow fruit that look like lemons. This cucumber is crunchy, sweet and full of flavour, often served raw or pickled. The taste is milder and less bitter than most other cucumbers.  Late to begin bearing fruit.

Eggplant Hansel

Hansel is a past AAS winner. This plant is compact and perfect for containers measuring no taller than 36 inches. Gardeners have a long harvest window; fruit can be harvested from 3 inches to 10 inches long. The fruit is tender and non-bitter. Good yields.

Taste of the Season Kale Red Russian
KALE, Red Russian

Red Russian is a versatile specialty kale well suited for any culinary application. This pre-1885 heirloom variety has beautiful purple-veined, dark green oak-type leaves erupting from rich purple stems. The red and purple hues intensify after frost as the flavour sweetens. One of the most hardy and most tender kales available. The thick leaves have… Read more »

Kalettes is a non-GMO hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts.

Kalettes is a fresh new vegetable here to jazz up your garden. Developed through traditional breeding techniques, Kalettes is a non-gmo hybrid of kale and brussels sprouts.  Like brussels sprouts, the plant grows into a tall stalk; but, in place of the compact cabbage-like heads, the plant produces open florets that resemble kale. It is… Read more »

Taste of the Season Lemongrass Aroy

Lemongrass is a tropical herb commonly used in Asian cuisines. Upon first examination, the arching fountain of bluish-green foliage does not appear to be anything more than a standard variety of grass. That is until the whiff of inimitable fragrance reaches your senses. It has delicate lemon and floral notes mixed with a fresh, grass-like… Read more »

Okra is an excellent warm season vegetable that thrives in the summer heat.
OKRA, Clemson Spineless

Clemson Spineless is the most popular okra on the market. This heirloom variety is the 1939 All-American Selections winner for good reason. The vigorous plant is a heavy producer of spineless, meaty dark green pods that are full of flavour. Harvest the young fruit at 4 to 6 inches for the best flavour and optimal… Read more »

Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper
PEPPER HOT, Carolina Reaper

This legendary variety is one of the world’s hottest peppers coming in at a staggering, eye-brow singeing 2,200,000 Scoville units. In comparison, a jalapeno comes in from 2,500 to 10,000 Scoville units. They are wrinkly and have a scorpion like tail. As you first taste these bright red peppers, you get a fruity sweet chilli… Read more »

Taste of the Season Pepper Ghost
PEPPER HOT, Ghost (Bhut Jolokia)

This legendary variety is one of the world’s hottest peppers coming in at an astonishing, tongue-melting 855,000 to 1,000,000 Scoville units. To put that into perspective, a jalepeno is just 2,500 to 10,000 Scoville units. As you first taste these brilliant red peppers, you get an intense sweet chilli flavour that is rather tasty. The… Read more »

Pepper Sriracha
PEPPER HOT, Sriracha

Sriracha is a large, firm pepper that has smooth skin and a thick wall. It has a long shelf life and a good heat.

Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper
PEPPER HOT, Trinidad Scorpion

Trinidad Scorpion, also known as Moruga Scorpion, is named after the location it originated from Moruga, Trinidad. One of the world’s hottest peppers, Trinidad Scorpion  tops the charts at a bewildering 2,000,000 Scoville units. A jalapeno comes in from 2,500 to 10,000 Scoville units. The immense heat kicks in and lingers on after the initial… Read more »

Togarashi Shishito Pepper

  Shishito peppers have long been popular in Japan and now have gained much notoriety in the local food scene. The compact and bushy plants are well-branched and  have very high yields. The 3-4 inches long fruits start off glossy lime green and will mature to a red colour. Whether roasted, grilled, sauteed, or deep-fried… Read more »

Taste of the Season Shiso Britton
SHISO, Britton

Britton is a beautiful shiso variety that has eye-catching green leaves with beautifully rich red undersides. Shiso may not be well-known in Western cooking but across Asia, this deeply flavourful herb is a household name. The vibrant and refreshing taste of these aromatic leaves is similar to a combination between mint, basil and cinnamon with… Read more »

Tried & True Tomaccio Tomato
TOMATO, Tomaccio™

(toe-MAH-chee-oh) or (toe-MAH-see-oh) Tomaccio is a unique, indeterminate, gourmet sweet raisin tomato variety developed through 12 years of breeding work using wild Peruvian tomato species. It was bred to be a vigorous, high-yielding and is excellent for snacking fresh or dried. The fruit skin is fairly thick and highly porous, which allows for easy drying…. Read more »