CANNA LILY, Cannova Red Golden Flame

Canna x generalis
Discover the beauty of the Cannova Red Golden Flame Canna Lily. It is a stunning, vibrant plant to add to your garden or landscape. With its large, bright red flowers and golden yellow accents, this Canna Lily will add a burst of colour to any outdoor space. Plus, this low-maintenance plant blooms continuously throughout the summer months. Deadheading spent blooms can encourage more flowers to grow.
Canna Lilies are also known for their versatility, as they can be grown in containers or as border plants. They are also a great choice for attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies to your garden.



Bloom TimeBlooms from late spring until first hard frost.
Height30-48" (76-122 cm)
Width14-20" (36-51 cm)
Companion PlantCompatible with all Tried & True® varieties. Ideal for mass plantings, bedded areas or or as a thriller plant in mixed containers.
WateringKeep soil moist. Do not let the soil dry out.
FeedingFeed regularly with a balanced plant food.
PlantingWell-drained rich soil in full sun to partial shade; shelter from wind.