PETUNIA, SunPassion™ Raspberry Ripple

T&T Petunia SunPassion Raspberry Ripple

Petunia SunPassion™ Raspberry Ripple is an early, prolific bloomer of eye-catching bicoloured pink and white flowers that are maintained all season long. The well-branched, semi-trailing plant is capable of withstanding a wide range of unfavourable weather conditions. SunPassion™ Raspberry Ripple lends itself well to hanging baskets, pots and bedding plants.

Bloom TimeEarly summer to late fall.
Height6-10 inches (15-25 cm).
Width12-36 inches (30-91 cm).
Companion PlantAll Tried & True varieties. Looks especially good with Nemesia Innocence and Diascia Red Flag.
WateringKeep soil consistently moist.
FeedingRegularly with high nitrogen plant food.
PlantingWell-drained soil in full sun to partial shade.