PETUNIA, SunPassion™ Sunny Yellow

This prolific semi-trailing bloomer has exceptional garden performance with its uniform, mounding growth habit and long flowering season. The showstopper blooms are large lemon yellow with darker yellow veins and center. Dramatic cascading colour results in eye-catching baskets, mixed containers and window boxes.

Bloom TimeConstant colour all summer
Height12 inches (30 cm)
Width12-18 inches (30-46 cm)
Companion PlantCompatible with all Tried and True varieties. Looks especially good with Calibrachoa Sweet Chimes Blackcurrant, Petunia SunPassion Candy Pink or as a monoculture planter.
WateringKeep soil consistently moist
FeedingHeavy feeders. Require constant feeding with a high nitrogen fertilizer for maximum blooms.
PlantingWell-drained soil in full sun