Add a sprig of herb and familiar foods take on a new character. Fresh herbs add aromas and flavours, from subtle to pungent. The popularity of herbs is due to the fact that these culinary delights are easy to grow, yield prolifically in small spaces, and are just delicious.

The range of herb gardens can be from small window boxes to large formal designs. Many of the most popular herbs thrive and flourish in containers. Some herbs can be tucked in between flowers and vegetables. Whatever design you choose, herbs require full sun and well-drained soil. Pick an open, sunny site and before planting, work in compost and manure.


StoringRinse herbs under cold running water, then shake off excess moisture, wrap in a dry cloth or paper towel, and refrigerate in a plastic bag for up to 4 days (1 week for parsley). To use, pinch or cut off leaves; chop or mince. Use whole leaves, sprigs, or blossoms for garnish. Use whole stems for soups and stews. For longer storage, you can freeze or dry herbs. To freeze, wash herbs, pat dry, and freeze in aluminum foil, airtight bags or containers. Note, frozen herbs will darken and become limp when thawed, so it is best not to thaw them before adding to your cooking. To dry, wash herbs, pat dry, and gather stems in a bunch and put them in a paper bag, tip end down. Gather the ends of the bag around the bundle and tie closed. Hang them to dry in a warm place with good air circulation.

Varieties Listing

Everleaf Emerald Tower Basil
BASIL, Everleaf Emerald Tower

Everleaf Emerald Tower is the first basil bred for season-long performance offering continuous harvest potential. It flowers up to 8 weeks later than standard basil and is resistant to Downy Mildew and Fusarium. This basil is fast-growing and has a tidy plant habit for planters, boxes or garden beds. Harvest continually and pinch off flowers… Read more »

Tried & True Genovese Italian Basil
BASIL, Genovese Italian

  Genovese basil has large (2”/5 cm) uniform dark green leaves with a strong basil flavour and aroma. The sweet and peppery flavour with hints of anise complements many Mediterranean dishes. This Italian classic is a favourite for pesto, bruschetta, and tomato-based sauces. Pinch out growing tips to encourage bushier plants and to delay flowering…. Read more »

Newton Basil
BASIL, Newton

Newton is a fast-growing variety with large, bright-green, crinkled leaves. It has an improved traditional sweet ‘Genovese’ flavour, but with no licorice or anise aftertaste. The leaves can grow up to 4″ (10 cm) and are perfect for fresh use or cooked – pesto, tomato dishes, salads, and vegetable wraps. Uniform plant habit and high… Read more »

Tried & True Red Rubin Basil
BASIL, Red Rubin

Red Rubin is a versatile culinary herb with a beautiful appearance in addition to great flavour. It has large, smooth, and flat leaves, approximately 3 to 4 inches (8 – 10 cm) long and pretty edible purple flowers. The flavour profile is similar to that of green basil, but the dark red-purple leaves tend to… Read more »

Tried & True Thai Basil

Thai Basil (Bai Horapa) has small, long, and narrow green leaves and purple stems. The peppery and subtle clove or licorice (anise) flavour adds an aromatic Thai flavour to any Asian dish. This spicy yet sweet herb is wonderful in meat and rice dishes, stir-fries, sauces and salads. Encourage bushiness by pinching and snipping throughout… Read more »

Tried & True Chives

Chives grow well in containers or in gardens as a pretty border plant. They have tall, green, grasslike leaves with purple pom-pom flowers. Harvest continuously from early summer until frost. Finely chopped tops of this versatile kitchen herb add a delicious mild onion flavour to almost any recipe.  

Tried & True Santo Cilantro

This cool season herb is fast growing and slow to bolt. Cilantro is versatile with its bold, zesty, citrus-like flavour – perfect for Asian and Mexican cuisine. The fresh young celery-like young leaves known as cilantro are widely used in salsas, guacamoles, salad dressings, salads, savoury dishes such as enchiladas. It pairs well with lime,… Read more »

Tried & True Fernleaf Dill
DILL, Fernleaf

Annual. Dwarf, dark green and fine-leaved, Fernleaf Dill is an excellent staple in any herb garden. It is suitable for kitchen gardens or containers and can be harvested starting at about 6 inches (15 cm) in height. This vibrant herb is delicious addition to seafood, sauces, pickles and potato dishes. Fernleaf Dill is a past… Read more »

Lavender Bandera Pink
LAVENDER, Bandera Pink

Bandera Pink has a dreamy aroma and stunning pink colour on a dense, compact plant body. It is the perfect Spanish lavender for planting in a container or in the front border. This low maintenance lavender is easy to grow and self-cleaning. Prolific flowering all season long. It loves the heat and is drought tolerant. A… Read more »

Lavender Bandera
LAVENDER, Bandera Purple

Lavandula stoechas. With an ethereal fragrance and exquisite colour, this Spanish lavender is a must-grow. Bandera’s compact body is covered in gorgeous rich purple flower spikes all season long. Its dense, mounded form make it a superb choice for containers. This low maintenance lavender is an ease to grow. It loves the heat and are… Read more »

Tried & True Lemon Balm

Tried & True Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis.  Lemon Balm is an easy-to-grow herb with citrus lemon fragrance and a distinctive lemon minty flavour.  The oval, toothed leaves look similar to mint and may be mistaken for it at first glance. Lemon Balm is easy to grow and spreads vigorously so some may want to grow the herb… Read more »

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena Lemon Verbena is a tender perennial shrub grown for its intensely fragrant lemon scent. The long, pointed leaves are adorned by sprays of tiny white or purple flowers in the spring and summer months making it an attractive garden addition. This herb is a fast-growing plant so frequent pruning is essential to keep… Read more »

Tried & True Marjoram

A milder, sweeter version of oregano. Subtly coloured, Marjoram features soft green, oval-shaped leaves, and small pinkish-white flowers. Its delicate sweet yet slightly spicy flavour lends itself well to virtually any savoury dish. This low-growing Mediterranean native is an attractive groundcover or edging plant. It also performs well in containers.

Tried & True Mojito Mint
MINT, Mojito

   Mojito mint made its claim to fame in Cuba’s world-renowned cocktail, the Mojito. This refreshing mint is much more subtle in flavour than other mints providing a mild and light aroma with a satisfying bite. It is an excellent garden and container companion that is very easy to grow. Its bright, clean flavour is… Read more »

Tried & True Oregano

The intense aroma and unmistakable flavour of true oregano are invaluable for seasoning Italian and Mexican dishes. This savoury and robust aromatic complements roasted meat dishes, soups, sauces, dressings and vegetables. Oregano can be grown in the garden beds, window boxes or containers. Oregano needs both excellent drainage and good air circulation to thrive; moderate… Read more »

Tried & True Dark Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
PARSLEY, Dark Italian Flat Leaf

Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum. Flat-leaf parsley – also known as Italian – has a stronger and more flavourful taste than the curly leaf variety. It has flat, glossy, serrated leaves and the flavour has a hint of pepper or licorice. Flat-leaf parsley is favoured by chefs because it contains significantly more of the essential oils…. Read more »

Tried & True Darki Curled Parsley
PARSLEY, Darki Curled Leaf

Petroselinum crispum var. Crispum. Curly parsley is generally used as a garnish, but it is becoming more indispensable in cooking. It is a major component of fine herbes (blend of fresh parsley, chives, chervil, and tarragon) and bouquet garni, a French term for a collection of mixed herbs (traditionally thyme, bay leaf, and parsley). Darki… Read more »

Tried & True Rosemary

A beautiful evergreen perennial shrub, rosemary has narrow, aromatic green leaves that are reminiscent of pine. The earthy and peppery flavour holds up well when used in cooked dishes. Rosemary is prized for roasts, fish, stews, roasted vegetables, and breads. It prefers light, sandy soil mixed with lime and a south-facing planting area. To protect… Read more »

Tried & True Sage

A kitchen gardener’s dream plant: useful, good-looking, and easy to maintain. This hardy annual is easy to grow, capable of withstanding conditions that are far from optimal. Beneficial insects love this plant. Sage has lovely, woolly, silvery-green fragrant leaves that provide a strong, balsamic flavour to a wide variety of dishes. Use fresh or dried to… Read more »

Tried & True Tarragon

Tarragon is an excellent addition to any vegetable patch or container. The tall, slender branched stems hold glossy green lanceolate leaves that have a refreshing peppery flavour. Wonderful in a wide variety of dishes and sauces.

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