February in the Garden

Garden tasks that you should be doing this February.

Now that January is all but done, we are one month closer to spring!! But that also means that we have a few more things to add to our gardening to-do list.

1. Garden Planning

Yes, technically this was last month’s job. But does garden planning ever really end? Haha. Once you’ve decided on what you want to plant, you have to decide where you want to plant it. Sketching out an actual blueprint of your garden beds is a must! Both because it makes spring plantings a lot easier and because it’s fun! This is a great indoor job for when it is gross outside.

2. Garden Tool Maintenance

Go through your tools to make sure everything is in good condition. Nothing sucks more than being ready to plant only to discover that the head of your trowel has been taken and used to make body armour for some silly… nevermind. Just check your tools. Sharpen whatever needs sharpening, oil whatever needs oiling, replace whatever needs replacing.

3. Garden Bed Prep

When the weather is nice, you can get out and play in the dirt. That is, as long as the soil isn’t still frozen solid or drenched. Clear out any garden debris then turn the soil and amend with compost/fertilizer. You can also dig up some new garden beds now so that the frost can help break down any large dirt clods.

Those are the big tasks. Easy peasy, right?!