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Auspicious Flowers for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. While it is a time to honour deities and family ancestors, it is also a time to celebrate new beginnings. Flowers carry special significance during this time of year. Their growth after the long winter signifies life and good fortune. Decorating your house with flowers during Chinese New Year is a must; otherwise the upcoming year will not be auspicious. There are many flowers connected to this celebration, each with their own meaning. Here are just a few:

Plum Blossom

Plum blossoms are often the first to bloom after the long and harsh winter. They represent the renewal of life, perseverance, purity, hope, and luck.


Narcissus, also known as daffodils, symbolize good fortune, prosperity and good luck. It is believed that if it blooms on Chinese New Year day, the entire year will be prosperous and filled with good fortune.


Bamboo is a lucky plant that is a magnet for positive Chi energy. It symbolizes prosperity, fortune, and happiness.


Chrysanthemums symbolize longevity, joy and happiness.

Pussy Willow

Pussy Willows represent abundant luck and prosperity.


Orchids symbolize good family luck, fertility and abundance. It is believed that violet coloured orchids are the most auspicious.