Plant Something BC

Plant Something BC

A new initiative is growing in BC that any gardener – aspiring or seasoned –  can dig: PlantSomethingBC. While only recently brought to British Columbia by the BC Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA), the Plant Something program was started in Arizona several years ago and has since spread to many communities across North America. Collectively, all these communities promote one simple message: “Don’t Just Stand There… Plant Something.”

Green Thumb Hard Work

Whether you have years of experience or you have never planted anything in your life, anyone can benefit from gardening.


  • Gardening is considered a moderate-to high-intensity activity. According to the CDC, one hour of light gardening and yard work can burn up to 330 calories
  • Gardening has been shown to lower stress
  • Spending time planting outside can boost self-esteem and mood
  • Microbes found in soil has been shown to improve symptoms of depression
  • Being outside in the sun boost vitamin D levels which help the body absorb calcium. This keeps your bones and immune system strong
  • People, both young and old, who grow vegetables are more likely to eat those vegetables and have healthier eating habits


  • Gardens, no matter what size, are essentially a microcosm of our environment around us. With a little help from all of us, we can greatly improve the health of our environment
  • Plants help reduce storm water runoff while decreasing the amount of pollutants that make it into our streams and lakes
  • Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. The high levels are contributing to global warming. But growing trees and plants is one way we can combat climate change since they take carbon dioxide out of the air to produce energy for themselves
  • In addition to using up carbon dioxide, plants also release oxygen and freshen the air
  • Growing plants will help to support local wildlife, like hummingbirds and bees


  • Having a nice garden landscape boosts curb appeal which, in turn, can increase your home’s resale value
  • Carefully positioned plants and trees can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by acting as natural heat buffers
  • Growing your own produce is much cheaper and more bountiful than trips to the grocery store

So if you’re a beginner, start small – a herb planter or mixed container. Grow a richer lifestyle by putting down some roots. And what’s better than local roots. PlantSomethingBC is also a BC Buy Local initiative that promotes buying locally grown plants. We’re proud to be part of this program because we believe in it. And we hope you will support it too.

A BC Buy Local and BC Landscape and Nursery Association initiative promoting gardening and BC-grown plants

Look for the PlantSomethingBC designated BC-grown plants at your local garden centres and nurseries. Don’t Just Stand There… Plant Something BC!